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With over 15 years of experience under the belt, our company is a manufacturer of durable steel pipes. We believe in offering unique solutions to our clients by provisioning to their needs. Hence, our various channels of communication are always open. Our commitment is to provide high-quality pipes to our buyers, including numerous carbon and alloy steel pipes. Mr. Haresh Burad heads our company with a capable team of engineers, supervisors, and hard-working staff. Our engineers work on pipeline designs to provide products as per the specifications in the minimum time at a low cost. Their vast knowledge in the field of metallurgy, different standards and specifications, quality control, and machining makes our engineers highly skilled resources. 
Be it value-added services or lending support - our staff is well-equipped to deal with many issues in an accurate, systematic, and timely manner. We work towards establishing a mutually beneficial working relationship with our peers across several industries. We take our clients success very seriously as well. Hence, all our procedures, including product development, quality checking, product delivery, as well as our initial inquiry and order execution, is meticulous. In addition to documenting these processes, we regularly communicate with our clients, keeping them updated on our progress. We understand the importance of keeping all channels of communication open along with swift order execution. In conjunction with this, our 15 years of experience dealing with several businesses makes us one of the leading manufacturers of carbon and alloy steel material.

We care about the safety of our clients, which is why our products undergo strict quality checks and have a careful construct. Our work staff in the factory are well-experienced and are proactive in dealing with multiple challenges. They work hard in the speedy execution of our orders. Whereas, our quality assurance department performs regular checks at different stages of production. The final product checking is a much stringent one. The piping products we manufacture is not only safe but consists of the highest quality raw materials. We procure the highest quality raw materials from our local vendors. We perform multiple tests to ensure our clients receive the best product in terms of durability and work performance. We also provide all test reports to the customers along with our tubulars.

Besides this, we have our buyer's trust when it comes to timely delivery in excellent condition. They also appreciate the fact that our pricing is economical with better design benefits.

At Ashtapad Overseas, our goal is to become leaders in the piping industry by forging good relationships with our staff, our vendors, and clients.

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