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Metallurgical Lab Technician

Are you very curious? Can you work well with other individuals? Do you like to solve queries related to metallurgy? Ashtapad Overseas requires a Metallurgical Lab Technician who has the right set of qualifications, with the ability to work well with others to come up with unique, accurate, and cost-effective solutions.

Job description -
As a Metallurgical lab technician, you are to assist engineers as well as material scientists involved in various operations on a day to day basis. Your routine would include the performance of tasks such as maintaining equipment or operating them, in addition to conducting experiments or analysis of samples.

The primary responsibilities of a Metallurgical lab technician are as follows -

  1. Prepare test specimens per the standards or specifications set by the industry. Hence, you have to machine, grind, or broach the test specimens very accurately, following all safety protocols.
  2. Data input and create reports based on the purchase order given by the buyer.
  3. Regular maintenance of the equipment present in the lab, including machining and measuring equipment, while maintaining traceability of the specimen.


Do you have a take-charge attitude, and can meet a tight deadline to achieve great results? Are you proactive & love delegating tasks? If so, then you would be perfect for the role of a supervisor at Ashtapad Overseas.

Job description -
As a supervisor, you will see the day to day production and ensure accurate production of the final product with the highest degree of safety.

The primary responsibilities of a supervisor include the following tasks -

  1. Fill up and the maintenance of various legal documents such as EHS, GPCE ETP, and STP.
  2. Development of new products, while supporting your reporting superior in achieving the result.
  3. Handle and ensure maximum and accurate output by plant workers including, PPE and housekeeping for every shift.

Crane operator

Do you have the ability to work in a fast-paced and challenging environment? Are you someone who can adapt to different situations and absorb quickly? We are looking for a crane operator. We require a responsible, hardworking, and diligent candidate who can work in extreme conditions. The candidate must be able to comprehend and carry out the orders instructed either verbally or in a signal or via written communication. A candidate with mechanical knowledge of the crane is a must.

Job description -
As a crane operator, you need to be able to use the crane with precision to achieve the desired result efficiently. You must be aware and be able to use the appropriate lever and pedal controls.

Primary responsibilities include -

  1. Driving the crane to and fro the job site, while operating the crane as required by the supervisor, including regulating the speed, crane lift, positioning, etc. of large loads in areas that are undergoing construction or in industrial areas.
  2. Use the different levers and pedals on the crane to load or unload various materials, while following all safety protocols and work practices.
  3. Daily inspection, cleaning, and maintenance of the crane allocated to you.
  4. Determine and repair the crane for a problematic area in case of any issues.
  5. Work in a precise manner, while adhering to the standards or orders given.
  6. Place outriggers as well as blocks when the crane is stationary, to eliminate the crane capsizing.

Burn table operator

Are you creative, agile, and adaptable? Can you plan and execute both long term and short term goals simultaneously? We are on the lookout for a burn table operator who can prepare as well as creatively accomplish long-term and short-term goals. An adaptable and proactive nature is a bonus, along with foresight and the ability to think quickly.

Job description -

As a burn table operator, your engagement is the operation of the fabrication machinery in the processing center. Therefore, the objective of a burn table operator is to finish the produced goods in an accurate, safe, and efficient way, such that it exceeds the client's expectations.

The primary responsibilities of a burn table operator include the following -

  1. Setting up and operating the equipment in a timely and efficient manner to accurately produce the end product. Daily inspection of the devices in addition to the documentation of preventive maintenance.
  2. Before production, a quick run-through of the end product to check several aspects such as size and measurements, grade, heat, and quantity requirement for processing.
  3. Inspect the end product at the start, middle, and final stages, while checking their conformance to the relevant quality guidelines.
  4. Conducting regular audits to ensure the material is traceable and the appropriate procedures are in practice in the processing unit.
  5. Maintain a detailed and accurate inventory of all the materials and final products processed in the assembly.

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