Round bar suppliers in Singapore

Round Bar Suppliers in Singapore

Stainless Steel Round Bar Suppliers and Exporter in Singapore

Stainless Steel Round Bar Suppliers, Alloy Steel Round Bar, Carbon Steel Round Bar, Inconel & Special Steel Round Bar in Singapore

Ashtapad Overseas is the GOVT. OF INDIA RECOGNIZED EXPORT HOUSE, PED Certified & Rina Approved supply a wide range of Round Bar, Stainless Steel Round Bar, Alloy Steel Round Bar, Carbon Steel Round Bar, copper nickel Round Bar etc. The product differentiation is based on the premier finish of Round Bar with minimum burr at the edge . The ends for perfect welding and fabrication of the Round Bar in mega projects in oil and gas industry for long life of the product.

As a leading Round Bar Suppliers in Singapore, all material is supplied with NACE 3.1 Certification, Mill Test Certification and ISO 17025 Standards by a Government of India approved Laboratory. Positive Material Identification is done on all raw material procured at Ashtapad Overseas.

Orders at Ashtapad are guaranteed fast delivery of the Round Bar in the Singapore. The main reason being we have an excellent warehousing and storage facilities for both finished and semi finished goods.They are made ready as per the urgent requirements of the customers. The Round Bar are manufactured to sustain very high pressure and product warranty.

For bulk orders & product technical details you can contact our Singapore sales representative, our experts can help you regarding your all question about Round Bar.

For quick delivery or urgent requirements in Singapore please contact us through Telephone:+91-22-23841700, 67437666, 66595333 or email id

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Why choose Ashtapad?

  • Govt. of India Recognized Export House & PED Certified Manufacturer & suppliers in Singapore
  • An ISO 9001,ISO 14001,OHSAS 18001 Certified company
  • European Pressure Equipment Directive PED-97/23/EC certified company
  • Stainless Steel Round Bar Cold Draw in 300 Series Stainless Steel and High Nickel Alloys
  • Manufacturer of OCTG, CRA (Corrosion-Resistant Alloy) Seamless Tubes, Pipe, Pipe Fittings & Flanges
  • We don’t stock china make fittings flanges & pipes

Our Featured Products in Singapore:-Round Bar

Steel Bars suppliers in Singapore

Steel Bars Bars Shape
Round Bar suppliers in Singapore
Rolled Bars Round Bars
Hot Rolled Bars Flat Bars
Cold Rolled Bars Square Bars
Forged Bars Round Corner Square Bars
Continuous Cast Bars Flat Block Bars
Annealed Bars Rectangular Bars
Normalized Bars Hexagonal Bars
Quenched & Tempered Bars Hollow Bars
Hardened & Tempered Bars Hollow Ring Bars
Black Bars Circular Bars
Bright Bars  
Peeled Bars  
Grinded Machined Bars  

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Round Bar suppliers in Singapore
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Hot Rolled Billets Flat Billets
Cold Rolled Billets Square Billets
Forged Billets Round Corner Square Billets
Continuous Cast Billets Flat Block Billets
Annealed Billets Rectangular Billets
Normalized Billets Hexagonal Billets
Quenched & Tempered Billets Hollow Billets
Hardened & Tempered Billets Hollow Ring Billets
Black Billets Circular Billets
Bright Billets  
Peeled Billets  
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Steel Blooms suppliers in Singapore

Steel Blooms Blooms Shape
Round Bar suppliers in Singapore
Rolled Blooms Round Blooms
Hot Rolled Blooms Flat Blooms
Cold Rolled Blooms Square Blooms
Forged Blooms Round Corner Square Blooms
Continuous Cast Blooms Flat Block Blooms
Annealed Blooms Rectangular Blooms
Normalized Blooms Hexagonal Blooms
Quenched & Tempered Blooms Hollow Blooms
Hardened & Tempered Blooms Hollow Ring Blooms
Black Blooms Circular Blooms
Bright Blooms  
Peeled Blooms  
Grinded Machined Blooms  

Steel Rods suppliers in Singapore

Steel Rods Rods Shape
Round Bar suppliers in Singapore
Rolled Rods Round Rods
Hot Rolled Rods Flat Rods
Cold Rolled Rods Square Rods
Forged Rods Round Corner Square Rods
Concast Rods Flat Block Rods
Annealed Rods Rectangular Rods
Normalized Rods Hexagonal Rods
Quenched & Tempered Rods Hollow Rods
Hardened & Tempered Rods Hollow Ring Rods
Black Rods Circular Rods
Bright Rods  
Peeled Rods  
Grinded Machined Rods  

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Round Bar available in below materials & can be supplied anywhere in the Singapore:

Nickel Alloys

Nickel 200
Nickel 201
Monel 400
Inconel 600
Inconel 601
Inconel 625
Incoloy 800/H/HT
Incoloy 825
Hastelloy C276
Hastelloy C22
Alloy 20
Sanicro 28

Stainless Steel

SS 304 / SS 304L
SS 309S / SS 309H
SS 310S / 310H
SS 316 / SS 316L / SS 316Ti
SS 317 / SS 317L
SS 321 / SS 312H
SS 347 / SS 347H
Alloy 446, SS 446
Duplex 2205 / 31803
Super Duplex 32750 / 32760
SMO 254

Alloy Steel

Alloy Steel Round Bar
Alloy Steel Rod

Carbon Steel

Carbon Steel Round Bar
Carbon Steel Rod

Round Bar Material Grades

Nickel 200 | UNS N02200 | 2.4066 Nickel 201 | UNS N02201 | 2.4068 Monel 400 | UNS N04400 | 2.4360
Inconel 600 | UNS N06600 | 2.4816 Inconel 601 | UNS N06601 | 2.4851 Inconel 625 | UNS N06625 | 2.4856
Incoloy 800 | UNS N08800 | 1.4876 Incoloy 800H | UNS N08810 | 1.4958 Incoloy 800HT | UNS N08811 | 1.4959
Incoloy 825 | UNS N08825 | 2.4858 Hastelloy C276 | UNS N10276 | 2.4819 Hastelloy C22 | UNS N06022 | 2.4602
Alloy 20 | UNS N08020 | 2.4660 904L | UNS N08904 | 1.4539 Sanicro 28 | UNS N08028 | 1.4563