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Value Added Services

Today, the production of good quality pipes is not enough. As a manufacturer, we are aware of consistently upgrading our products increases its longevity. Besides having a higher life expectancy, the value-added services we offer to improve the pipe's overall performance as well as corrosion resistance and mechanical properties. Some of the more vital value-added services we offer include beveling, coating, threading, testing, cutting, machining, etc.


The screw thread ends of these pipes ensure a speedy and quick method of connection. Furthermore, they form a leakproof seal, especially for systems that convey liquid media. Typically, threaded pipes are a part of industries where welding is not a viable option. Therefore, they make excellent additions in petrochemicals and chemical processing industries. The formation of threads is with the use of a threading machine, oils, sealing tape, and sealants for threading.


Processing pipes via machining proves to generate some improvement of geometry and smoothness in their surface. Several processes fall under machining, such as reaming, milling, drilling, boring and turning.


A mechanical abrasive process, honing improves the surface of the pipe by offering a precise geometric surface form. In tubes, it is a process that produces accurate inner diameter dimensions with a smoother surface.

ID boring

The use of a single-point cutting tool to enlarge an already drilled hole in a pipe is known as ID boring. In addition to cutting a tapered slot, a higher level of accuracy is achievable. The perception of boring is that of a process related to the inner diameter of a pipe.


The perception of turning is for the generation of external surfaces with the use of cutting action, which was similar to ID boring. A non-rotary tool bit creates a helical path while moving linearly. During this process, it is the workpiece that will rotate.


The need for precision cuts is not limited to just the automotive industry. They extend to the fields of mechanical engineering and domestic applications as well. Cutting tools have a toothless saw, or also known as grinding wheel piece cutting machine, in addition to a hand saw, a cutter along with extra hand tools. The use of a toothless saw to cut through metal pipes in bulk proves to be cost-effective. Before drawing a cutting line, determining the length to be cut is a requirement.


Beveling involves the formation of an angle at the edge end of a pipe. The resultant divergence is also due to the perpendicularity of the plane to its surface. Beveling benefits the user for three reasons - aesthetics, welding, and for safety reasons. Beveling is useful as a preparatory process for the ends during welding and to deburr the cut ends for safety. The most common bevel ends are as follows - I Type butt joint, double V beveled end, single V beveled end, and single U beveled end.


At Ashtapad Overseas, we offer several technical value additions including tests for Minimum wall thickness, Brinnel and Rockwell hardness, Mag Particle, Straightness, Charpy, PMI, X-Ray, Ultrasonic Test as well as Moody, Lloyds, and ABS inspections. These supplementary testing services are available on request. Generally, these test methods can detect and confirm the presence of flaws in any given product. The methods used for these tests are per the industrial norms and regulations.

Surface treatments

Treating the surface of any pipe improves several characteristics like its performance, mechanical strength, and corrosion resistance. Commonly surface treatments such as Mechanical cleaning and Priming, Custom Galvanizing, Fusion Bond, Color-coding, Epoxy coat, Painting, Die stamping, Pickling, and various Poly-Coats from single to triple-layer dominate the piping industry. Carbon and alloy steel components especially are beneficiaries of surface treatments - as their corrosion resistance properties are lower than that of the most basic stainless steel grade. A coat prevents moisture from the atmosphere seeping into the end product, thus preventing their decay and ensuring a longer service life.

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